Gearing up

We've officially started work for a real run of The Neutrino Project. We'll be going up Saturdays at 10:30 in January and the first week of February at the WNEP Theater.

What do I mean by "work"? A whole bunch of things.

  • We've started rehearsals. When we were preparing for the preview, we were mainly focused on the technical side of the show and making sure that was all going to work. Now that we've got that down, we're really concentrating on the improv and the creative side of the video work and the synthesis of the two.
  • I'm taking Mick Napier's Directing Elective. Don't tell the cast, but I haven't directed a lot before. Soon I will be a master!
  • I came up with a new logo for the show (still based on Matt Murphy's "Fork into Outlet" concept) and I'm working on stickers, postcards, and flyers with the new logo.
  • PR, PR, PR. We'll be getting the press release out this week and then Shaun will start the follow-up so necessary for making sure your show is listed and reviewed.

Have I mentioned we have a great cast and crew? We lost Russ LaChanse to New York (but I got his car!) and Zach, Andy, and Tim to other obligations. But we've picked up Lillie Frances, Phillip Mottaz, and Jen Shepard (and Adam Devlin-Brown is moving from running to camera-ing). Check out the full list on the main TNP page.

Last week was a remember what it's like to work together/meet the new people/remember how that video stuff works-kinda rehearsal. Tomorrow I've got a wacky rehearsal planned -- I'll post more after it's over.