New Newness

All the newness here at FuzzyCo is invigorating.

We've got the first FuzzyCo production that's not a vanity project (as in, I'm not in it) - Andy Eninger's new one man show, One Man Seen, I've got a brand-new toy for keeping journals - the Movable Type system, and a brand-new project to keep a journal about.

So, a little background: last month Shaun and I were in New York for the 52-hour Del Close Improv Marathon. One of the many shows we saw there was Neutrino: The Video Projects. They call it (and I'm calling it) "the world's first fully improvised live video show." It was great! We were both really excited about it and when we got back to Chicago, Shaun emailed Neutrino and asked if they'd mind if we produced a version of the show here. They were fine with that and we were off.

So, we're calling "The Neutrino Project" in honor of the creators. And lemme give them a shout-out here that they've been super helpful in sharing all their hard-won knowledge with us.

We've got a cast: Becky Eldridge, Shaun Himmerick, Russ LaChanse, Elizabeth McNaughton, Beth Melewski, Tim Sniffen, Andrea Swanson, and Zach Ward. And a crew: me, Andy Eninger, Cesar Jaime, Cesar's buddy (whose contact info I still don't have, Cesar), Michael Starcevich, and Greg Inda in the booth. Oh yeah, and somehow Shaun tricked me into being the director.

Shaun found two weekends free in the WNEP schedule, so we're going up August 31 and September 7 (both Saturdays at 10:30). One month to:

  • rehearse the cast
  • rehearse the videographers
  • organize all the equipment (anybody wanna loan me a mini-DV camera or three?)
  • find people willing to be "runners" (who just, you know, run - with the tapes)
  • not stress so much

But, Fuzzy, what's this show about, how does it work? Maybe I'll get around to that next entry. I have to explain it to the cast at our first rehearsal tomorrow night, so hopefully I'll have a concise explaination by then.