Not the one but the other

I grabbed a Red Eye on my way to my root canal this morning, expecting to find a short piece about Neutrino Project 30,000*. Instead, Cinema 2.0 was listed in the "bestbets" section. I love all my theatrical children the same, so I'm very happy. It was just... unexpected.

(I'm really trying to do my best to not say, "but it's not really like Mystery Science Theater so much-- we make up a whole new story." I think I need to just shut up and take a compliment and a little free publicity. Also, I never listed Nancy Drew in the press release, so Laura Baginski must have read this page to discover that piece of information. So she might be reading this. And I certainly don't want her to think I don't like the blurb. I'm tickled pink. I understand the value of such a comparison, especially in such a short piece. I just like to use the space available to me in this, my own forum, to try and explain the subtleties of my projects. And now I'm thinking that to the average person, a simple "it's like MST3K" might get them into the theater, where my lengthy, whiny nitpicking about exactly what the show is like might not. Hmm.)

Oh, and if you're worried about sitting through the whole movie, Nancy Drew is just 65 minutes long.

So, here's your weekend plans: tonight you're on your own. Sorry, I can't hold your hand all the time. Tomorrow night, Neutrino Project 30,000 at 8:30 pm at the 3 Penny (have I mentioned yet that the 3 Penny has a fully licensed bar? They do.), go have a drink some where, then wander up Halsted to WNEP for Cinema 2.0 at midnight (have I mentioned that WNEP is BYOB? They are.). See you there!

*Update: I'm an idiot. I was very clearly told that NP30K would be in the RedEye on Thursday. So now I'm looking for yesterday's RedEye. Oops.

** Double update: I've now been told that the piece was not in the RedEye at all, anyway.