Well, we closed the Neutrino Project, but this time for good (for now). Yay! So now I'm down to, like, three projects. What will I do with all my copious free time?

Closing night was marked, for me, by sudden last-minute panic. At 7:50, we were down an actor (someone just not-showing-up) and a runner (via poor planning on my part). We pulled Jackie Stone-Kulhan out of the audience (under my mistaken impression that this was the second time she had seen the show) and did some hurried and confused reorganization of the teams to cover the lack of a runner. Then at 7:55, just after we had everything covered, the missing actor showed up and Lance, who wasn't scheduled to be there, arrived to lend a hand. So we were extra covered. Yay!

So then as I playing a short for the audience before we started the actual show (a rehearsal set from Seattle with Shaun and Kevin Mullaney making out) Lance appeared at my side to ask if I had an extra charged battery, because one of the camera guys had discovered that his battery was dead. Unusually for me, I just froze. I knew I had an extra battery, but I couldn't think where it was or how to go about remembering where it was or how to get it. It only lasted 30 seconds or so, but it was a moment of blind panic. Eek.

So then we got the suggestion of "Pez" and started the show and things went very well. My crew (Andrea, Sean, and Tim) had a great set of scenes about life change and discovering new love. Michael Starcevich's team did a "meta" set where they were playing actors in a Neutrino Project-like project. One of the audience objects that team 4 borrowed (have I mentioned that? Team 4, who stay in the theater to vamp while we're waiting for the first tape to arrive, borrows objects from the audience that then show up in their scenes) was a woman's divorce papers(!). So Shaun and Elizabeth were a newly divorced couple who got drunk on (also audience borrowed) champagne and rekindled their romance. And our other guest star, international heart-throb Alex Fendrich, had to choose between Jens (Jen Ellison and Jennifer Shepard).

After the show, I got a chance to talk to Crazy Monkeys alums Elliott and Brandon who surprised me by showing up out of the blue. Shaun and I (and Liz and Ben Taylor) started the Crazy Monkeys back in the day, and it's always cool to see old Monkeys.

So... we're done. Until May at least. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, and thanks to everyone (31 people, by my last count) who acted and cameraed and ran and teched for the shows.