Movember - Days 18-20

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Movember - Day 18

Movember - Day 19

Movember - Day 20

OK, so here's the deal. Movember is all about making yourself look ridiculous to encourage people to donate money to help fight cancer. But I've let you all down. The moustache I've grown is too cool. I've got the soul patch, I've got the droopy horseshoe parts to the moustache. All around, it's too close to the beard I usually have. So let's fix that, with money. I'll shave off the soul patch for a $20 donation and the droopy parts of the moustache for $25. Go donate through my brother's Movember page and either leave a comment there or come back here and leave a comment so I know what your donation was for. I'll make a little video of the shaving.

(Heck, for a $100 donation I'll shave off just one of the droopy parts and go to work like that for a day.)