Monster Dash 10K 2015

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Monster Dash 10k 2015

A race review as a lightly modified email to a friend who asked “How was the Monster Dash?”

Yeah, the weather was pretty sucky. It was fine as long as I was moving, but as soon as I stopped running I started freezing. We had a friend doing the half-marathon who was about 30 minutes behind me and at first I thought we could wait for her, but after just a few minutes I was shivering and we bailed and headed for the car.


  • The jacket is sweet.
  • Lots of great costumes (though many under ponchos)
  • a 9:20am 10k start is pretty chill—didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.


  • The weather (not the organizers’ fault)
  • It’s that same stretch of the lakefront path south of Soldier Field. Yawn.
  • At the 10K turnaround, there was a sign that said “10K turnaround ahead”, a safety cone about 10 feet behind it, and no volunteer. Tons of people were trotting down the path, only to have other runners shout that this was the turnaround. I hate when I end up running extra. (Boo extra running.)
  • Refreshments afterwards were very disorganized—there was a really long line for chocolate milk, which masked that water was plentiful right behind that, and then snacks were up the hill in a different area. I guess there was beer, but I only saw the wristband station, not the beer.
  • All that said, I’ll probably still sign up for the Yeti Challenge—free Yeti hat!

Time: 1:05:10
Pace: 10:30 per mile
Overall Place: 387 / 908
Place in Sex: 138 / 274
Place in Division (M40-49): 31 / 65