New Moon

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I really owe Erica an apology. I said, "No, don't watch New Moon without me," and then sighed and laughed and huffed my way through the whole thing. I just need to accept that I am completely not the target demographic for this series and ignore it's existence. I think the confusion it engenders in me is that it uses tropes I'm familiar with—the vampires and the werewolves and so on—to a completely different purpose than I usually encounter. It's as though, I suppose, someone made a deep-fryer training film that featured ninjas and robots. A ninja-and-robot fan would think they were going to be entertained by it, and have certain expectations about plot and so on, but fundamentally it would have been created to serve a specific audience—people who need to learn how to use a deep-fryer—and everyone else would be bound to be disappointed.

FuzzyCo grade: C