The Baxter

The Baxter is a charming little movie. I certainly felt like it was 90 minutes un-wasted.

The conceit of the movie is an interesting one -- Elliot Sherman (played by writer-director Michael Showalter of The State and Stella) is the nice-but-bland guy who always gets the girl stolen away by the romantic lead at the end of the movie. And he's realizing, in a not-quite-realizing-he's-in-a-movie way, that he is that guy. And so he's determined not to lose his fiancee to her high-school sweetheart who's suddenly returned to town. But is she really the one for him anyway? (I'm not giving anything away that isn't obvious in the first 5 minutes of the movie.)

As with most romantic comedies, it's all pretty obvious, but it's still a very sweet little movie.

FuzzyCo grade: A