The Host

I'm of two minds about The Host, a 2006 monster movie from Korea. The monster's great--and the movie certainly loves showing it off. No coy reveal of the monster in dark alleys for this movie--you see the whole thing in broad daylight in the first 5 minutes. And the plot is at least slightly different than the usual "monster picking off a small group of people"-type.

But the dialog was totally terrible. I was watching the English-dubbed version and I'm entirely willing to believe that poor translation may have contributed to the awfulness, but even the gist of the dialog was often ridiculous. I think there might be some sort of layered "the effect of the west on our country has been for the worse" thing going on (you know, the way Godzilla is really about nuclear weapons) but it just didn't gel for me.

FuzzyCo grade: C+ (though an A- strictly for creature effects)