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I really don't know what's wrong with me -- there are plenty of good movies I haven't seen and I feel a compulsion to go back and watch old, bad sci-fi and fantasy movies. Underworld even starts with a good enough idea -- vampires and werewolves* are locked in an ancient war -- and then goes and just makes a muddle of it. Maybe this war has been going on for so long because both sides are full of idiots. ("The security arrangements for the visiting dignitary were changed at the last second, and then she got assassinated. Nope, nothing suspicious about that.") And if you've got vampires and werewolves, why so many guns? If you like guns so much, why not make a regular-people-shooting movie.

FuzzyCo grade: C-

* Excuse me, "Lycans". Do we really need a new word for werewolf?