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December 4, 2008

Groups Update

Groups Added:

AV Improv Group (World - India)
The Bit Players (USA - Rhode Island)
The Cellar Dwellers (USA - Pennsylvania)
Chatham Improv (USA - New York)
Code Red Improv (USA - Texas)
Counter Productive Lover (USA - Illinois)
Cubed (USA - Pennsylvania)
The Dog Ate My Scenework (World - Netherlands)
Dubbel en Dwars (World - Netherlands)
entreparentesis (World - Argentina)
Eux (World - France)
Extemporaneous Theatre Company (USA - Alabama)
Froduce (USA - New York)
The HANdsomes (World - Netherlands)
Hustlebot (USA - Pennsylvania)
Illegal Refill (USA - Pennsylvania)
Improvisationstheater Schmetterlings (World - Germany)
InterPlay (USA - California)
IYFI - In Yo Face Improv (USA - Hawaii)
KEK_ (World - Netherlands)
The Laughing Stock Improv Group (USA - South Carolina)
Laugh Olympics Berlin (World - Germany)
Long Story Short (USA - Florida)
Massive Improv (USA - Texas)
Naples City Improv (USA - Florida)
Oh Susanna! (Canada - Alberta)
Paperback Rhino (USA - Iowa)
Power 2 Improv (USA - Florida)
Private Schools Aren't Funny (World - UK)
Safeword (USA - Maryland)
The Super Happy Improv Troupe (USA - New York)
Waterbrains (USA - California)
Yours Truly Theatre (World - India)

Posted by Fuzzy at December 4, 2008 12:22 PM