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Well, we made it to Phoenix. Tonight at the festival was "Arizona Showcase" night with 6 Arizona groups, then a jam with Bare, Men in Shirts, and 5 randomly selected Arizona players.

It's late (4:15 AM Chicago time) so here's just a mess of pictures (sorry if you're on dial-up):

Shaun Himmerick
Shaun is here.

Fuzzy Gerdes
And so am I.

Jos� Gonzalez
Jos� Gonzalez, Bare's "den mother" for the duration of our visit here.

Jos�'s car
Jos�'s sweet 1975 Pontiac.

El Norte�o
Evidently, there aren't many restaurants open late downtown, but El Norte�o saved us from McDonald's.

I know well the trouble of keeping a multi-group evening on schedule. Each group's time left is projected on the wall, in rather large numbers.

Timer reflection
The time is also visible to the rest of the audience, reflected in a large window. Oops.

Men in Shirts
Men in Shirts made it down from Detroit.

And, oh yeah, there were some groups performing. Here's Jester'Z.

Big Cat
The first neighborhood bar we visited tonight, Fat Cat's, had Magic Johnson leering at a lady.

Tiki God at Bikini Lounge
And the second, Bikini Lounge, had tikis everywhere.

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