Sketchfest: non-rehearsal

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I can show you the emails where Shaun said, "I can rehearse any night this week except Wednesday." So I made a date with my lovely girlfriend. And when Shaun came home at 8 pm and said, "so, you want to rehearse now?" I said, "nope". And went out and got some dinner.

This is not to say that progress is not being made. One of the scenes in the show is adapted from a scene we improvised in a show at the Toronto Improv Fest a few years ago. At one point in the scene Shaun turned on a "radio" and the pianist who was accompanying us began playing Stairway to Heaven and it ended up becoming a central part of the scene. So Shaun commissioned Liz to record a solo piano version of Stairway. After some back and forth in which we discovered that although we said we wanted a John Tesh sound, what we were really asking for was a Jim Brickman sound, Liz just delivered four different versions of the song.

Kittyloaf has been having rougher going with the leather jackets. She says that she has now done enough research that she knows how to make us Dice Rules-style jackets, for pretty cheap. Just not before the show. Evidently, every leather supplier in the U.S. closes for inventory at the end of the year and then takes a generous New Year's holiday. So she and I did some brain storming on the phone last night and now we're looking at a stop-gap featuring silver lam´┐Ż, christmas lights, and rubber cement.