Fuzzy's Places

My brother just sent me a picture of Fuzzy s Place (he thinks the apostrophe fell off) a NASCAR bar in Somewhere (he was lost), Tennessee.

Fuzzy s Place, Tennessee

That reminded me of another Fuzzy's Place in my inbox, courtesy of Matt Stratton, Fuzzy's Place, a blues club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fuzzy's Place, Georgia

And the classic, Fuzzy's Place, a strip club in Duluth, Minnesota. (The place wasn't open for the evening yet, but my good friend Karl got them to turn on the sign so we could take a picture.)


And to round us out, from my foreign correspondents, Fuzzy's Grub in London, UK.

Fuzzy's Grub, London

And no pictures, but there's Fuzzy's Wolfrose in Bellerose, NY and Fuzzy's Pizza and Italian Cafe in Houston, TX.