Spaghetti Cat

I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my Apes Finale post...

Monday afternoon emails were flying around the Blewt production team with last minute details and one came through that the intro video was missing and could I bring another copy. I had to call Erica, who was already in transit to the theater, to have her stop at home to grab the external drive that had the video files and bring it with.

So I found myself in the theater setting up a little video editing station and re-rendering my Apes video. Since I have to fire up Final Cut, anyway, I thought, why don't I make the video somehow special for the last night. And my mind leapt immediately to Spaghetti Cat.

If you're not familar, Spaghetti Cat first appeared as a unexplained cut, in the middle of an interview, to a picture of a black cat sitting in front of a plate of spaghetti on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (a spokesperson later claimed it wasn't a mistake, it was a "bleep photo"). But Spaghetti Cat rose to fame(?) when that clip was featured on The Soup. The Soup has since created their own Spaghetti Cat puppet and it's become a recurring character on the show, and one of our favorite things.

But there was a problem: I couldn't get a wireless connection in the theater to download a still of Spaghetti Cat to embed in the intro video. Fortunately, Noah was at the theater with a big pad of paper and pens -- he has been doing sketches and caricatures before the show all run. He'd never seen the clip and so I had to describe the Spaghetti Cat for him to sketch. And so it was that the Impress These Apes was treated to a full two seconds of the random appearance of this guy:

Spaghetti Cat

I heard laughs throughout the theater and I have no idea if they were laughing because they recognized the character, or simply at the absurdity of the sudden, and unexplained, appearance of a cat. Eating spaghetti.