Bail Out!

When I run into theater people around, they often start out the conversation with "Hey, too bad about WNEP."

"Too bad, but too good," I retort, nonsensically. I loved the old WNEP space (soon to be the home of The Playground) but it only held 60 people. Now we're doing the Around Midnite Series at the spacious Lakeshore Theater, so you and 299 of your friends can come see the shows and there will still be a few seats left.

And speaking of those shows, Cinema 2.0 is coming up tomorrow night at midnight.

I watched Bail Out the other night to do the scene breakdown for the Cinema 2.0 cast. Count yourself lucky that we're going to turn the original soundtrack off and make up new dialogue. It's a stinker.

Huh, David Hasselhoff's first movie role was a character named "Boner" in "Revenge of the Cheerleaders." It only got better from there.