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Chicago Tribune

Um, no, it's not "family movie night fodder". But it is a Metromix Best Bet. Again. Whee. The old name, but that's to be expected as the new name chases after it through the press-release ecosystem.

And we were also the subject of a story (the .com is on purpose -- it was a web-only story): A Tale Of Two 'Dirty Movie Nights'.

Odd Obsession Movies owner Brian Chankin said Gerdes’ show using the name was never an issue for him.

"Really, it just was funny to me," Chankin said of the protests against the proposed other "Dirty Movie Night."

A nit-pick with the article: the show is a FuzzyCo / Lavender Cabaret co-production (it just felt a bit weird to keep reading "Gerdes' show"). And there are a couple sentences that I think Adam quoted me too well -- I need to learn to speak in sound bites, rather than conversational english. It's very likely that I actually did say, "a variety of classic sexploitation movies that we’ve overlayed with shorter scenes with some movies, that we’ve overlayed with Improv games" but I don't think that's what I meant. There's a lot of overlaying going on in that sentence. (For the record, the show features short scenes from movies used as the basis for improv games, and then a longer feature, which is presented with witty banter and green screen tomfoolery by the cast.)