I guess we're back on the air, here. If you've tried to send me email over the last 24 hours or so and it bounced, please send it again -- I think we're back up and stable now (fingers crossed). If you enjoy car wrecks, you can go read about how my internet host had a bout of crippling slowness, thought they fixed it, discovered they had not, and then discovered that a process in their system had decided that the best response to the whole situation was to delete everyone's DNS records. La la la. Oh yeah, and all the while their supposedly off-network status page that's supposed to kept us loyal customers appraised of network problems like this got borked, too.

For future reference, if this site is ever down for any extended period of time, I'll likely post on Unless, like today, I'm in a training class all day without real Net access. Urp.