Impress These Apes - Week 3 - Video

This week was a little different than the other weeks of Impress These Apes were (and are going to be) because by the time we got to the theater we were done. During last week's show we were randomly assigned a song and we had to shoot a music video for the song and bring it on DVD to the show. So it was very relaxed in the green room before the show. No last minute going over of lines or checking props -- all we had to do was sit back and watch.

I had the song Dirt Bike by They Might Be Giants. It was pretty much perfect for me -- in contrast to the more rock-out numbers most people got, it was an odd, dreamy little number whose lyrics don't really make sense. But one listen and I started to get a picture in my head of what it needed to look like.

I'm proud to note that this was a one-man production. I filmed, animated, and edited the whole thing myself (except for the footage at the end, which is from four different films at the Prelinger archive). Some of my friends offered to help, but I politely (I hope) turned them down. I do need to thank Jacque who made the finger-puppet of Jose. And the Knights for giving us the weird coconut-tiki-pirate-ukelele guy.

So, anyway, the judges liked it -- it got 39 out of 40 points (the extra 10 possible points this week were from the guest human judge - Miss Mia of Chic-a-go-go). I actually got a little light-headed when I got the 3rd "10". (And as impressive as that might be, I was out-scored by Brady, who got a perfect 40.)

For next week we have to make a puppet and then perform a 4 minute stand-up routine with it. S'awright.

All of the videos:
Amanda: Outkast - Hey Ya
Brady: Weezer - My Name is Jonas
Erin: Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
Fuzzy: They Might Be Giants - Dirt Bike
Jarrad: Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
Jenny: Stray Cats - Rock This Town Tonight
Kristen: Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
Margaret: Amy Grant - Every Heartbeat