Dido reviews

I know that some of the Dido cast are that breed of actors who don't like to read reviews while the show is in progress (if ever) and that's perfectly understandable. So I'm hiding the rest of this post past the jump...

Besides the resultant publicity for the show, I'm a little chuffed that I have photos (neither with a photo credit, but c'est la vie) in two Chicago publications in one week.

Time Out is, it seems, on a tighter production schedule than other Chicago publications (maybe because they mail it out?) so they needed a photo before the costumes were going to be ready. That's why the men are shirtless rather than in their costumes (and Shari in a dress), and why that photo doesn't appear in the press photos set.

Dido, Queen of Carhage - Chicago Reader 2-23-06

Dido, Queen of Carhage - Time Out 2-23-06