Finally Getting Off GoDaddy

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Go Daddy has been terrible for years with their misleading upsells and lousy interface and all the misogynistic ads. And then when the elephant-killing thing came out, I started moving my domains as they got near expiring. (Marco Arment has a great post about the lock-in that domain registrars get you in and I'll freely admit they had me in that "why do it all at once" trap.) And now with the pro-SOPA thing, I'm done with Go Daddy and I initiated the transfer of my last 12 domains off of Go Daddy to Namecheap*. I don't want women and elephants to think I love them less than internet freedom, but it was just the last straw pushing me from lazy and cheap to putting my money where my mouth is. And speaking as the cheap and lazy person, this is actually a terrible time of year to move 12 domains—now I'll have an annual $120 bill due right during the holidays. See what you've made me do, stupid Go Daddy.

* Full disclosure: I have affiliate-coded that link up. My recommendations are not un-tainted by commerce.