Last year, our friends Paul Thomas and Seth Thomas reunited as The Defiant Thomas Brothers, a sketch comedy duo they had started about a decade ago. Erica and I saw their new show, which was great, and I was particularly enamoured with a short piece of interstitial music that was played during the transition between two scenes. All of the music in the show reminded me of Seth’s other duo, the hip-hop group 8090 so I wasn’t surprised to find out that Andy Metz had produced the track.

I asked Seth if I could get a copy of the song and he obliged and I began listening to the very short track over and over. And then I started filming in coffeeshops around Chicago, in Dallas, TX, and Vicksburg, MS over the course of three or four months. Over the July 4th weekend, Erica and I built the props for the second half of the video and filmed in our apartment. And now there’s a micro-video to go with this micro-song. Enjoy!