The Neutrino Project Returns!

Man, when we did the first few runs of The Neutrino Project in Chicago, you could not get me to shut up about the show on the blog. Of course, I was blogging a lot more in general then, anyway.

I do want to write up some of the things we’ve learned doing this remount, but for now I just want you to know that we’ve rehearsed hard, we had a great tech today that shows that we can actually do the show (always a little bit of a question!) and we’re all set to open tomorrow. Please come by!

From the tech side, the show looks and sounds better than ever, and more importantly, we have a great cast who are really ready to give some all-out improv in the service of this crazy show. I’m so glad that Jen Ellison agreed to direct the run, and that Amanda Murphy has come on as musical director.

Neutrino Project: The Instant Movie will be running at Laugh Out Loud Theater, 3851 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL Sundays from July 10 to August 14 at 5 PM. Tickets at or 773-857-6000.