Apes Press, part 2

Margaret Lyons, writing on the Time Out Chicago Blog was impressed by Impress These Apes:

Two weeks ago, I saw a woman growl a list of things she enjoys, such as “being on time.” Last week, I saw two guys re-enact a scene from Brokeback Mountain. Tonight…I have no idea. That’s sort of the beauty of the kinetic Impress These Apes. If you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out on one of my favorite activities, and one of the city’s more impressive–and unpredictable–comedy shows.

Nina Metz came to week 3 and reviewed the show for the Chicago Tribune. She seemed to like it:

The show is scripted and improvised. The talents are rehearsed (or with the videos, filmed in advance), and the host, scorekeeper, and judges offer their comments off-the-cuff. The final result is daffy and spot-on. Improvisers are notoriously lazy in preparation, but the participants here actually do the homework, tackling each challenge with a creative spirit and wicked glee.

In related news, my week 2 collaborator Bilal Dardai got a nice shoutout in Chris Jones' review of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind in the same issue of the Tribune:

Bilal Dardai adds a lot of energy and charm.

He sure does, does he?