Apes - Week 2 - Teaser

The challenge for tonight's Impress These Apes is to reenact a scene from a favorite movie as accurately as possible, with the help of one friend.

Right after last week's show, Erica and I left for Oregon for 4 days, during which time there was little opportunity to even think about what scene I was going to do, let alone actually research movies. So I really only got started on Monday night. Once I had picked a scene, I needed a collaborator who would be willing to jump in with both feet with minimal preparation. Like, say, a Neo-Futurist, used to preparing and performing 2-12 new pieces a week (depending on an audience's roll of a die) in their signature show, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. Fortunately, I got one. The versatile Bilal Dardai will be joining me in a scene from... come to the show and find out!

P.S. I made my main prop out of a cardboard box, two three-ring binders, and some spare computer parts. What could it possibly be??!?