Don't Spit the New York


And then after the ACM show and a quick taco with Ben and Emily, we ran home to pack for our trip to New York. Don't Spit the Water had a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on Friday night. Erica was performing as Cutie Bumblesnatch and I went along to help out. And hey, New York!

Well, hey, rainy-all-day-but-we-walked-around-all-day-anyway New York. Boo. And I forgot to bring an extra pair of pants, which was a problem when my only pair was soaking wet just before showtime. But I bought a new pair, that I kinda needed anyway. Yay!

After the show, we headed over to the Triple Crown and ran into a bunch of my Neutrino peeps and former Chicagoans. New York is such a small town.

Steev has pictures from the trip. I just sent him some shots from the actual show, hopefully he'll put those up. Oh, and I have a little Flickr set I just made.