Andrew "Scrap" Livingston

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Andrew and Erica

The other guys hung around in New York for the weekend, but we flew back Saturday afternoon so that we could go see Erica's friend Andrew (his "tour name" is Scrap) play bass in the Mike Doughty Band. As in Mike "M" "Soul Coughing" Doughty. It is the cheese!

We couldn't get together with Andrew in the afternoon because he and Mike went and did an in-store at Borders. But post-show (post-awesome show) (dang that Pete McNeal is a great drummer) (I mean, everyone else is great, too) we got to hang out with Andrew for a few hours before they fired up the tour bus and headed off to Indianapolis.

This is now two shows in a row where I've seen the performer before in a smaller venue and noticed the difference. (Kaki King from the Tin Angel to Martyrs' and now Mike Doughty from the Abbey Pub to Park West.) The Park West is a great venue (comfy chairs, cocktail waitresses), but there's definitely a difference -- during the rockity stuff it wasn't as noticeable, but Mike sent the fellows away for a few songs and played quieter stuff and the conversation murmur was evident and distracting.

I took a bunch of pictures during the show. Here's a Flickr set, or you can see which of them Mike liked.