Frightfully (boo!) busy weekend

Tonight (Friday, October 28) is the closing night of the Neutrino Project. For reals this time -- no crazy last minute extensions. And, as I always say, we may never do this show again. Ever. Closing night festivities likely at The Spoke.

Tomorrow (Saturday, October 29) Erica and I are moving half a block. If you'd like to help out, we'd love to have you. I'll be getting started around 9 am, but it'll be lots of short trips with the pickup truck, so there's plenty of opportunity to stop by and help any time during the day. If you participated in the Great Moving Crisis of 2004, rest assured that nearly everything is already packed in boxes and assembled in a staging room. It's like we planned ahead or something.

Tomorrow night, exhausted from the move, Erica and I will be dragging our sorry asses to Don't Spit the Water at 10:30 pm to participate in a very special Halloween show. Can you guess what's so special about it? Hint...