Hempertable Mostelfactory

Mainly, I just wanted to write that name down somewhere, and here is as good as anywhere else -- I can find my own website easier than I can find my moleskine.

The last time I was a guest comedian for Don't Spit the Water I was "Kevin Higgins", a shock comic who realizes in the course of his set that all of his material is completely inappropriate for this audience, but soldiers on nonetheless. I picked the name because I wanted him to sound completely ordinary. One of my coworkers informed me this week that he had been searching for a friend of his, named, of course, Kevin Higgins, and found me instead.

Today I was trying to describe a standup comedian whom I can no longer remember the name of, and I used the name Hempertable Mostelfactory. If you Google that, there are no results and Google asks if you meant "Importable Qstylefactory", which is equally euphonious. I think that may be the name of Hempertable's first album.

I'll be guest comedianing at DSTW again on Nov 12, and I just may be Hempertable Mostelfactory. Whatever he does.