Hump Night

Fuzzy Gerdes, Shaun Himmerick, and Jose Gonzalez at Hump Night, photo by Lisa Hanna Akroush
Photo by Lisa Hanna Akroush.

So our good friend Jose Gonzalez, who is, seriously, just one of the finest human beings on the planet, was out in Chicago for CIF and he stuck around in town a few extra days to see even more improv and got a slot in Kevin Mullaney’s Hump Night show and invited a number of people to play. It ended up being Jose, Shaun, Shaun Clayton, and I playing and I have to say that I had a ton of fun. With very little warmup or discussion, we all clicked and played a form called “going where the winds of improv carry us,” which is to say we dicked around. And yet we actually told a somewhat coherent story. Of sorts. Anyway, it was a bunch of fun. More photos from the evening are here.