Impress These Apes - Week 8 - Teaser


And so, we're at week 8 of this ridiculous show -- the finale! Is there any way I can claw my way out of 7th place and take the $250 prize? Well, even if not, I've had a great (if exhausting) 7 weeks so far -- I've written a song, re-enacted a movie scene, made a music video, made puppets, told a story, danced, and swallowed swords. And tonight I'll be... oh man. I just shake my head every time I think about my act tonight, it's so silly.

There's a wrap party in the space tonight, after the show. The bar at iO has sent along the drink specials they've put together for the show -- $4 Grape Apes (vodka, black raspberry liquor, sweet and sour mix, and Sprite), and $3.50 Berghoff Octoberfest. And, of course, if you're Greg, Ben, Noah, Bilal, Andrea, Michael, Phil, Erica, or anyone who helped me with any of the challenges, I owe you a beer or three, and this would be an excellent night to collect.

Update: Everyone can relax, I bought the limes and so I have all the pieces and parts for tonight's show.