Some Shows with Gerdeses

Erica and I have a busy week ahead of us with several shows individually and together.

  • Tomorrow night (10/24), Erica is performing in Don’t Spit the Water’s 10th Anniversary show (10:00 at The Playground)
  • Saturday night (10/25), Erica and I will both be performing (separately) at Gapers Block’s 20x2—20 speakers will each have two minutes to answer the question “How do you do?” (7:00 at Schubas)
  • Next Wednesday (10/29), Erica and I will be performing together at Scene Missing: CHICAG-G-G-GHOST Stories. We’ll all watch a trailer for a spooky ghost movie and then Erica and I will have 7 minutes to riff on it. Jen Ellison, Brendan Gardiner, and Kris Simmons will also perform, each with their own movie trailer. (7:30 at Schubas)
  • Erica rounds out the month with a Halloween show with Chicago’s favorite all-female Beatie Boys Tribute, She’s Crafty. (Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Bistro, 9:00)