Hey, Elizabeth has posted my whole set from Blewtenanny. I just watched the whole thing and I'm amazed that a) I don't seem to be dancing around too much (Erica reminds at me to plant my feet whenever I practice with her) and b) that I didn't swear at all. (Other than the aforementioned "sodomy" mention. And the word "dump" to reference some poo. And "chagrined".) Because usually I'm like a sailor. "Darn that poop," I'm always saying.

I shouldn't even mention the weird way I hold the microphone, because then you might be as distracted by it as I am.

I'm also happy that I went 7 minutes. Bryan said I had ten, but as I may have mentioned this was my first non-open mic standup set so I pretty much did every bit I have right now. So now I guess I need to write 3 more minutes of jokes and get booked somewhere else. Yes?