Four Songs About Fuzzy


After he saw the video of Fuzzy Gerdes is Totally Awesome, my friend Scotto reminded me by IM about a song Joey Adams and I wrote and performed together (Joey, being an actually talented musician, did most of the writing and performing) loosely titled the Ba-ba-ba-ba song (after the chorus). The song was about an epic journey he and I made to Michigan and then Chicago one Spring Break. I learned to drive a stick shift at the start of the trip. Epic! There was a sudden snow storm when he was dropping me off in Chicago (where I was visting my old roommate Enio Rigolin) and his windshield wiper broke. Even more epic! All that and more was in the song. We performed it a few times at the Guru Java and such, but as far as I know, no recording of the song exists.


The Icemakers of the Revolution were a funky-hippy-political band back in West Lafayette, IN while I was going to school at Purdue. I got to be friends with the band and went on a couple of gig roadtrips with them. On the way back from one such, just a couple hours down the road in Indianapolis, my darling little Datsun 210 got a flat. I was giving some of the band members a ride in my car and the other car, a giant Suburban that easily held all of the band's gear, saw that we had pulled over and got off at the next exit and circled back. So I had the whole band standing around me while I dug through my trunk. I had a spare, and it had plenty of air, but I couldn't find a jack. I was sort of half-living out of my car at that point, so I had plenty of, ahem, junk in my trunk. Eventually I had to give up -- I had no jack. We tried the one off the Suburban, but at its most-collapsed state it was still too tall to fit under the Datsun. In the end, 3 or 4 band members just lifted up the Datsun while I hurriedly changed the tire. Embarassing. And then the Icemakers put a song about it on their third (and last) album, Fisheye Frenzy.

Download the MP3: Icemakers of the Revolution - No Jack (10.3 MB mp3)


Dogrocket is a beeps-and-loops side-project of R. Buzzy's Phil Schuldt. For some reason (perhaps my awesomeness (see below)) Phil wrote a song about me.

Download the MP3: Dogrocket - Fuzzy (4.1 MB mp3)


You've watched the video about 300 times already, but I just know that you want to carry Fuzzy Gerdes is Totally Awesome everywhere you go on your iPod. So you can be reminded of how awesome I am. All the time.

Download the MP3: Fuzzy Gerdes - Fuzzy Gerdes is Totally Awesome (4.6 MB mp3)