Updated Icemakers

A coincidence this week -- a comment on an old post and Noah returning my iMic -- spurred me into action and I digitized the Icemakers of the Revolution's first album, Door #3 (you can start downloading the 55.7 MB zip file before you read any farther).

The album was only ever released on cassette and I don't have the fanciest setup for capturing cassettes -- I go from the headphone jack of a Sony boombox (the same one Erica uses as Cutie Bumblesnatch) to the iMic and record with Griffin's free Final Vinyl recording software. The clean up I do is... none. Oh, and the tape broke at the end of side one (fixing that was a set of skills I haven't had to use in a long time) so I think the volume was just a hair high when I recorded the second half (tracks 8-13), but I'm nervous to keep playing the tape on my not-that-great setup. So, um... Enjoy! (Oh, and I couldn't find the case, so I don't have the artwork. Anyone have the case, still, and want to send me a scan of the cover?)

At one point Jason had intimated that he was working on a digitization of this album, and perhaps the hideous quality of my mp3s will spur him to finish that project and I can replace these. Or maybe their rustic and hissing quality will remind you of listening to the original cassette.

track list:

  1. Door #3 (0:41)
  2. Food Not Finance (3:37)
  3. Backpack (3:22)
  4. Her Fault (3:49)
  5. Your Scenes (3:08)
  6. Don't Touch Me (1:47)
  7. Thugs (3:06)
  8. Dying Alive (4:01)
  9. Foucault (3:48)
  10. Civil War (0:49)
  11. Trees (5:04)
  12. Celebate Sinners (3:12)
  13. Fat Lady (4:19)

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Update! Jason found his copy of the Choice cassingle, so the above-linked archive is complete.