A little Neutrino Project, well, begging

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I know how many people read this thing. And I know how many people have come to see our current run of Neutrino Project: the Instant Movie. Satistically, you haven't come to see the show.

There are three weeks left and I'm really, basically, totally begging you to come see the show. Allow me to sweeten the pot with novelty, quality, and value.


Whenever we're not doing a run of the show -- which is most of the time; this is our first run in 3 years -- it seems like every other improv conversation I have comes around to "when are you going to do that weird movie show you do again?" The answer is "for the next three weeks". And, given how poorly we're doing financially with the show, the answer may very well continue "and not again for a very long time." So if you have any interest at all in seeing the show, now is the time to do so.

We've also got live musicians sitting in with the show, which is pretty cool: Seth Boustead (of the ACM) this week and Dan Wessels (of ComedySportz) the last two.


Greg Inda has seen almost every show we've done over the last six years and two weeks ago he said that that show was "one of the better shows we've done". Last week he said the show was "quite possibly the best show we've ever done". We're doing great work this run, and getting better by the week. So even if you have seen the show before, it'll be better this time :-)


Tickets to this show are only $10. But for you, because I really want you to see my show, tickets are 2 for 1 (that is, two tickets to the show for $10 total -- c'mon, bring a friend). To get the deal, call the box office at 773-549-8080 and say "I want the Neutrino 2 for 1 deal". Yep, it's just that hard.