Looking back: 2007 as first lines

I've been doing this for a few years now -- constructing a quick year-in-review by just taking the first line of the first post from each month. It's obviously very superficial, and touches on few of the really big things that happened in my life year, but it's nearly tradition around here, so I'll let it stand.

January 2007: I saw the charts that Anil Dash and Tim Bray made of their blog archives, so I made one, too. more

February 2007: So I'm in rehearsals for this play. more

March 2007: I think the two things that mark this as a Hiaasen book for younger readers is that the cast isn't quite as huge as usual, there's no sex, and the ending is much more unambiguously happy. more

April 2007: Okami is, if nothing else, the most gorgeous video game I've ever played. more

May 2007: Lastlast weekend the Chicago Neutrino Project bundled into three cars (plus Dan down from Michigan and Alison flew up from Texas) and drove over to Oberlin, Ohio for the Oberlin Improv Conference. more

June 2007: Still in Mississippi. more

July 2007: Where all my Canucks at? more

August 2007: Well, there's that, then. more

September 2007: This morning I wandered around downtown Chicago taking pictures of the cast of WNEP's Soiree DADA as they... DADAed. more

October 2007: The Hot Kid exists at the intersection of Westerns (it's set in Oklahoma), gangster stories (it's the 30s), and true-crime fiction (in a touch of meta, one of the characters writes for those sorts of magazines). more

November 2007: The last-last time Erica was in Mississippi, Tricia gave her a "Ghost Hunter" camera to bring back -- a disposable camera that automagically* inserts "ghosts" into your photos. more

December 2007: Part of the reason I was so hard on Cascade Point, I've realized, was that it's in my least favorite segment of speculative fiction -- the future as a simple mapping of the past* -- the starship version of a tramp steamer is even called a "tramp starmer", which really rings hollow to my ears. more