Looking Back: 2013 in Numbers

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I’m doing the same thing I did last year—writing up all my year-end reviews and round-ups in early January 2014 and then editing the Posted-On field so that they all end up in 2013. Magic!

In 2013 I did:

So we’ll call that 18 shows.

I also read 20 books, saw 59 movies, and played 6 video games all the way through.

As with last year, live performances and media consumption (except for movies) are down again. And again it’s almost certainly attributable to a vastly increased training schedule.

I ran 818 miles, biked 1394 miles, and swam 73 miles and completed 20 races, including the New Orleans Marathon (my first successful marathon) and Ironman Wisconsin (my first Iron-distance triathlon).

I posted 1328 photos on Flickr, posted 369 tweets, and made 119 blog posts here at FuzzyCo, 38 posts at Four Squirrels (Almost entirely Drunk Monkeys episodes), 28 at Push Butt, 23 at Chicago Flag Tattoos, and 8 at the The Unnamed, Mostly-Chicago Race Review Podcast (the podcast was on hiatus for the second half of the year).

Numbers from 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.