One Hundred Pushups

My experiences with marathon training last year convinced me that gradual athletic training really works -- I went from being a non-runner to making it 18 miles. Factor in that I'm a sucker for an internet challenge, and I just had to try the Hundred Pushups thing. Simply, it's a six-week program to train to do a hundred continuous pushups. I've just started the second week of the program and I can tell a difference. Soon I will be a giant muscle man! (Or... be able to do a few pushups.)

The only quibble I have with the program is that their charts are just a hair confusing. You do the inital test and that puts you in a "rank" which you immediately ignore. Just remember the number of pushups you could do from the test and that tells you which of three columns to look at when you look at the chart for each week. What they call a "level" on those weekly charts, I'd call a "rep" ("level" has nothing to do with the "rank") -- just figure out which vertical column you're in based on your initial number of pushups and then do that number of pushups in each repetition with the prescribed rest in between.