Jackass: The Game

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Jackass: The Game is quick, dumb fun. You're trying to put together a season of Jackass shows by playing a variety of mini-games and achieving various goals in each one. The games range from button-mashers to rhythm games to shooters and racing levels. There's a good variety, but maybe just a few too few games -- I finished the story mode in just a few train rides.

A subtle gameplay element I really enjoyed was the notion of takes. In many of the Tony Hawk-style games with multiple goals per level there's the unspoken assumption that if you were a good-enough player, you could string together a line that accomplishes all of the level's goals in one try. In Jackass, the goals are often contradictory -- for example, on a racing level one goal might be to finish in a certain time, while another might be to bail out of the race at a certain place half-way through. So the assumption is that you will be playing each level over and over to check off all the goals. That's how I end up playing all of the Tony Hawk games as well, but it's just a subtle comfort that the game seems to be encouraging that sort of behavior.

Anyway, there's plenty of poo and barf and nut-punching, if you're into that sort of thing (and what Jackass fan isn't?)

FuzzyCo grade: B+