Edgewater 5K 2016

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For a race in my neighborhood, tied to a neighborhood event with plenty of advance warning (the Edgewater Art Fair), I sure seem to have trouble remembering the Edgewater 5K. This is the second year in a row that I’ve remembered or been reminded the night before and so have shown up and registered the morning of the event.

Fortunately, I suppose, it’s a short walk from my house, so it’s easy enough to roll out of bed a few minutes before the race and get over there and sign up.

I’m trying to jump back on the running train after the Air Force Marathon and stay in shape for some half-marathons this winter, so I had run twice during the week and was thinking of doing a 7+ miler this weekend, but a fast 5k with friends was a fine training goal as well, I decided. Jin and Shaun ran the race with me, and Stella in a running stroller, and we ran into the McShnits and Erik was running as well.

Edgewater 5K Edgewater 5K

The Edgewater 5K is a fund raiser for local schools and all the mascots are at the race—this year I managed to see the mascot race, which was /quite/ a thrilling athletic endeavour.

Time: 28:23
Place: 111 / 426
Place in Sex: 78 / 214
Place in Division (M18+): 54 / 166