Hell Run

Shaun, Erica, and Fuzzy

Shaun, Erica, and I ran the Hell Run this morning and a Coolio concert broke out. Err, or something.

The Hell Run is a perfectly fine mud run race, albeit in a looping course on a horse racetrack rather than being out on some country-side location. The timing worked out that this was a post-Triathlon lark for us, and the real attraction was that Coolio was performing at the post-race party. It had the potential to be weird and sad, like when some once-arena-packing metal band plays a county fair, but in fact Coolio and his two younger cohorts (one of whom rapped, DJed the MacBook, and played the sax) put on a great show and seemed to be having fun.

For no good reason, I paid the extra $5 to get a timed bib rather than just an entry. Really, I have no idea why I did that—when am I ever going to compare my time in this random 5K+obstacles to any other race? But then, to add insult to self-inflicted-financial-injury, they haven't posted the times (that I don't need) anywhere that I can find.

I have a new waterproof camera and carried it along on the course and got a fair number of photos. Erica has posted her usual exhaustive look at the race. And we recorded our seventh episode of our race review podcast in the car on the way home. We're back down to a manageable 15-minutes or so. And sorry about the audio quality—I was warned that the audio recorder gets a little distorty when the batteries get low, but I thought I could eke one more 15-minute podcast. I now know to change the batteries sooner.

As an mp3: The Unnamed Race Reviews Podcast - Episode 07

Coolio at Hell Run Chicago