Ironman Number

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So, we’re nearly there. If you would you like to track Shaun and I on Sunday (which I’m fairly sure you can do through the Ironman Wisconsin website) I am bib # 1914 and Shaun is # 1588. The race begins at 7 am Central Time and will be over, one way or the other, by midnight.

Phones are prohibited out on the course, so I won’t be able to get any in-race texts or anything, but positive and encouraging thoughts will doubtless make it to me via the interconnectedness of all things. Or something. Can’t hurt.

Update: For athlete tracking, go this page and type in 1914. You’ll be able to see me cross every timing mat (there are a lot of mats on the bike and run).

And Erica found an iPhone app called IronMobile that also lets you do athlete tracking.

Thanks to everyone for all of the well-wishes I’ve already received!