(Most of a) Marathon

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As some of you may have heard, the Chicago Marathon was canceled around noon today due to the heat. I was around mile 16, headed east on Jackson when they told us to skip the Southside portion of the course and just head straight to Grant Park. I did so and crossed the finish line, but that time is for about 18 miles, not 26 -- I was on track to finish in about 6 hours. They gave everyone a medal, so I'll have to make an asterix for mine.

Until then, running in the Marathon was as crazy and fun as I expected it to be. Matt Larsen and I started the run together, but as soon as we'd seen our incredible support crew -- Erica, Brandi, and Matt's dad and stepmom -- he headed off (Matt finished for reals). There were all sorts of folks running and so many people being so supportive. And my IT Bands stopped hurting around 8 pm tonight, so I'm ready to do another (entire) Marathon as soon as I can.

After the jump, a map of the course I took.

Fuzzy's Marathon route