Taking Care of the ITB

Foam Roller

Yesterday, I mentioned to Kenner that I was having trouble with my Iliotibial Band after Sunday's run and he said that he'd had some success with a foam roller and that I should pick one up at Fleet Feet. I was fretting on the way home that I didn't have time to stop by the store and pick one up, but what was waiting for me but a foam roller (with handy diagram)! Barely moments back from her honeymoon, Andrea Strening (neé Swanson) had read my post about my problem and dropped by with the solution. What wonderful friends I have.

Lots of ice and ibuprofen, and I 'rolled' last night and this morning and felt 200% better today. I'm thinking of going out for at least a shuffle around the block tomorrow, but I'm also pretty sure that's a terrible idea.