Comedians of Comedy

Maria Bamford

Friday night we met up with Ben and Emily and Dan and Victoria at Cleo's (grilled cheese! with bacon and tomato!) and then headed over to the Comedians of Comedy Tour at Logan Square Auditorium. Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Brian Posehn, and Eugene Mirman all danced like little monkeys for our collective pleasure.

Good things: They really are all very funny. Maria Bamford is extra very funny. In theory, I don't think I'd like Eugene Mirman just reading a letter he wrote, but in practice I like it just fine. I took pictures over people's heads.

Not-so-good things: It was very hot. Two hours is a long time to stand, especially when it is very hot. In theory, having all four comedians on stage recreating their in-van banter (ala their TV Show and Movie) should be very entertaining, in practice it is not. On a not-unrelated note, I am worried about the amount that Patton drinks.