Book #12: Spin

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I've been having a hard time finding the second halves of those two books-that-were-only-half-the-story books (bookstores not carrying them, library closed just before I got there, etc.) so I've ordered them (thanks to an Amazon gift certificate I got for my birthday from the Antoines. Thanks!). While I've been waiting for them to arrive, I took a break from books and finished Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (oh, so cute). I was going to start another video game, but I discovered that I'm in such a voracious reading mood that I couldn't wait until my Amazon order arrived and so I stopped by Borders and, using a rediscovered Borders giftcard (Thanks, whoever gave me that, long ago), picked up a copy of Spin by Robert Charles Wilson.

I picked it up based on a recommendation by Patrick Nielsen Hayden. I was not disappointed -- it's a novel about events of cosmic signifigance (billions of years pass between the beginning and end of the novel) but seen from a very ground-level, human perspective.