Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 1 and 2

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Scott Pilgrim is a manga-sized, episodic graphic novel about a Canadian indie-rocker/slacker named, wait for it, Scott Pilgrim. It's an intimate, funny look at Scott's dating life and his attempts to get his band off the ground. Scott's just met a new girl, Ramona Flowers, and before their relationship can move on, he's going to have to fight her 7 evil ex-boyfriends. And by "fight" I mean video-game-style fighting with kapows and booms and the loser disappears in a puff of smoke and leaves coins. (But not big video game coins, Canadian coins.)

There are six volumes planned (four of them are out) and I'm already chomping at the bit to read the next ones. As well, the books have just been optioned for Edgar Wright-directed, Michael Cera-starring movie, so this is your chance to read the books while it's still cool.

FuzzyCo grade: A