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I was having a bit of trouble with the aforementioned final boss of Daxter and so, as one does, I went online to see if other people had already solved the problem. The game is new enough that there wasn't a complete guide at GameFaqs yet, but I found an answer to my problem on the Sony PlayStation Forums. And I'm going to reproduce that answer in full, below. But before you get there, fairness does compel me to point out that this person did solve the video game problem that I was unable to. But, and still, reading this I feel old, old, old. "Vales," by the way, are valves.

Re: Help with final boss...

with the last boss the first part where u have to jump from platform to platform is the hardest part to me. and when it starts wait until he shotes his first ever blast in the battle and when his hands glow hover to the other platform, he will start to shot blu thing that explode after time but if u get in ther radious blast when they first land u will get hurt. after awile he will go over these thing that it lookes like hes suking up energy and u go over to him and hit him with eather of your shoters. when u get him half dead the plat forms will fall and u will go down to to hover over dark eco and he will shot the blue boms and u will have to hover over to vales that u shot fire on and they will turn and u will then have the platformes back and do it until he goes to a smaller room and then deal with his last part when he shotes the blue thing he'll relaxe cuz hes tired then shot him and he will go over this are and then jump over to him and do this three times and he will be dead. tell u somthing and the game is done and u now can venture around the city and replay levels. once u get him to go to a new area u will not have to do the recently finished things. as in when u finish the jumping from platform to platform u will not have to do it again and when u get him to go to the next area it does the same.

Kids these days, etc., etc.