Movies 2014: 1-25

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The first 25 movies I watched in 2014, with short comments and arbitrary grades.

  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - A
    We watched this as research for Erica’s direction of GTB’s Rack of Khan.
  • Drinking Buddies - A
    This is a very Chicago movie. Also, Jake Johnson’s character basically has my tattoo, so that was a little distracting to me. Word on the street is that his brother actually has it, and if so I’d love to interview him for CFT.
  • The Tents - A-
  • Been Rich All My Life - A
  • Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World - B+
  • Star Trek: First Contact - A-
    More research. Also, I guess I’d never actually seen this movie.
  • Now You See Me - C
    None of these words mean that things don’t have to make sense: theatrical magic, heist, thriller.
  • Heat - A
  • Seven Psychopaths - Eh, so meta
  • Moontide - B+
    There’s quite a bit about the making of this movie that is interesting from a cinema history perspective—partly directed by Fritz Lang, first American film with French star Jean Gabin, ‘drunken’ sequence designed by Salvador Dali—but as an actual film it’s a little slow and weak.
  • Inside Llewyn Davis - A
  • Old Boy (2003) - fuuuucked up
  • Old Boy (2013) - yep, fuuuuucked up
  • Olympus Has Fallen - C
    OK, the one funny thing in this movie was when the tense final scene comes down, not to miraculous bad-guy rebirth, but to our hero being able to type a “hashtag” (shift-3!)
  • White House Down - A
    I watched Olympus Has Fallen and this on the same day, and this is the fun action movie of the two. Die Hard in the White House.
  • Riddick - B+
    Dangit, I was real sad when that space-dog died.
  • Ender’s Game - B-
  • John Dies at the End - A
    A really good low-budget comedy-horror.
  • Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters - C+
  • Super 8 - A+
  • Warm Bodies - A-
    Spoiler: “Love cures zombies!” Sappy but sweet.
  • Shut Up and Play the Hits - A
  • Frozen - A
    Erica and I were late to the game and figured we had to watch it just to find out what all our friends’ children were dressing up as. Turns out it’s a really good movie. Olaf!
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel - A
  • Paris is Burning - A